'Le Cirque du Luxembourg' is returning to the Champ du Glacis, eager to present its brand-new Christmas production.
After 3 long years producers of this renowned circus show have made a tremendous effort, to celebrate this comeback with a bang!

Magical characters and astonishing animal figures will introduce the audience to a world of wonders, hosting artists in incredible costumes, visionary stage lighting and stirring sound-effects.
Daring acrobats will prove their talent and skill on stage and up in the air!
Hilarious clowns and comedians amuse all generations, uniting this spectacle to a fun-filled family-show!

In addition 'Cirque du Lux' has teamed up with a gifted group of Ukrainian acrobats, dancers & singers, displaying their art and devotion to circus culture, sending a message of solidarity and peace. Together with this unique cast 'Cirque du Lux' proudly named this years program 'UKRAINE UNITED' , celebrated in its festive circus-palace, shining bright in the national colours of Ukraine :

Blue & Yellow.

Informations pratiques


Champs du Glacis
1 Allée Scheffer


Date Horaires
Vendredi 09/12/2022 18H00 - 18H00
Samedi 10/12/2022 15H30 - 15H30
Samedi 10/12/2022 19H00 - 19H00
Dimanche 11/12/2022 14H30 - 14H30
Dimanche 11/12/2022 18H00 - 18H00
Mardi 13/12/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Mardi 13/12/2022 18H00 - 18H00
Jeudi 15/12/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Jeudi 15/12/2022 18H00 - 18H00
Vendredi 16/12/2022 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 17/12/2022 15H30 - 15H30
Samedi 17/12/2022 19H00 - 19H00
Dimanche 18/12/2022 13H00 - 13H00
Mardi 20/12/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Mardi 20/12/2022 18H00 - 18H00


Tarif nomal / Normalpreis / full price 33.25 €
tarif enfant < 14 ans (web) / Kinder < 14 Jahre (Web) / children < 14 years 27.75 €



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