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Taking bus line 11, 16, or 222 from Hamilius to Strassen will take you to perhaps one of the best burger spots in all of Luxembourg. LëtzeBurger Food Truck is on the corner of Route d’Arlon and Rue de Reckenthal and the Benelux stop is only meters away from heavenly goodness.

LëtzeBurger is the creation of 7 Luxembourgish “young guys” who wanted to make and sell incredible burgers using Luxembourgish ingredients. They feature a “Burger of the Month” that usually challenges taste buds but never fails to be delicious (check out their app for their monthly update). Our “go-to” burger is the “Bacon Cheeseburger”- the bacon is always done to perfection and the taste is out of this world! Their fries are never soggy and the onion rings are perfectly crispy. They also have a vegetarian and a vegan burger. The consistency in the products served makes this a regular spot for many!

We first stumbled across this hidden gem while taking an evening walk. We had wondered what the big blue box on the street corner was because we never saw it open. LëtzeBurger comes to life after 18:00 and sometimes the line-up is quite lengthy. But do not worry, you can place your order using their app, pick up your order and walk just behind the police station to enjoy your meal while sitting on a bench in the park. Bon appétit!!

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120 Route d'Arlon, Luxembourg City

Site internet


Cheeseburger : 9.50€


18:00 - 22:00 daily