Péiter Onrou

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Located in the Limpertsberg area, there is a hidden stairwell that leads to an incredible lookout point and an interesting monument. Where Rue du Glacis and the Côte d’Eich meet, there is a large rock called Krispinusfiels, or the Rock of Saint-Crépin. From the road at the bottom, it seems like nothing more than a gigantic rock, but from the top, this rock offers a unique view with a touch of mystery.

Climbing to the top is rather easy, but mind your footing, as the steps are uneven and in wet or weather they can become quite slippery. Once at the top, your breath will be taken away as you look over the Pfaffenthal valley and the big red bridge, otherwise known as, Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge. I love this lookout because it offers an alternative view of the bridge as most people tend to view it from the Grund. Across the lookout, you can see the Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal funicular; a fun little ride to take if you have the time.

The rock itself is believed to have been a place of pilgrimage and it is named after Crispinus and Crispinianus, two brothers, who are the patron saints of shoemakers, tanners and saddlers. The grotto on the side houses a sculpture of Péiter Onrou, which, according to legend, is where women, whose partners have cheated on them can come to light candles pierced with needles to make their unfaithful partners return to them. I wonder if anyone has had success?

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