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Nestled between Route d’Esch and Rue de La Semois, next to the grand Banque Internationale à Luxembourg building, is a hidden garden that offers a quiet oasis to sit and breathe or have a picnic with friends or family.

The entrance to the garden is just off Rue de La Semois and it is a gated garden, so look for the big, grey gate. It will look like you are not allowed in but it is a public garden that appears to belong to the bank. Once inside, you will see various benches, sitting spots and wonderful, large trees. My favorite part of this garden is found when you follow the trail towards the back of the space (heading in the direction of Route d’Esch). There you will find stone walls covered in moss and ivy…made more magical by summer greenery. As you make your way further up the stairs, you will discover several platforms surrounded by walls that appear to create private meditation or picnic spots. I do suggest bringing a blanket with you, for either purpose, as given Luxembourg’s wet climate, moss covers most outdoor areas!

There are two well-known graffiti artists in Luxembourg, Spike and Stick. In 2021, they collaborated to create a piece called “Keep on Moving”. You can find this piece as well as small sculptures throughout the garden area.

While this is not a big garden, it is a lovely spot in which to take a break, relax, and get ready for the next adventure.

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