Dock In Absolute

Dock In Absolute

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Jean-Philippe Koch (piano), David Kintziger (bass) and Victor Kraus (drums) form Luxembourg trio Dock In Absolute. Through a shared love of music, the musicians combine different styles of progressive, neo-jazz and rock, together with the pianist’s own compositions. Their music is rich in twists and turns in mood, going from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from subdued to assertive.

Dock In Absolute’s fresh approach to jazz allows the trio to push boundaries and to explore the potential of new unique wave of sounds while adding strength to the jazz field.

For fans of:

GoGo Penguin, Mammal Hands, Portico Quartet

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mardi 23.08.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Dock In Absolute 12 €


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