The Terence Davies Trilogy (Rétrospective Terence Davies)

The Terence Davies Trilogy 

UK 1976-1983 | Terence Davies | vo | 102’ | 35mm 


Children UK 1976 | 47’ | Cast : Phillip Mawdsley, Nick Stringer, Valerie Lilley

Madonna and Child UK 1980 | 29’ | Cast : Terry O'Sullivan, Sheila Raynor, Paul Barber

Death and Transfiguration UK 1983 | 26’ | Cast : Wilfrid Brambell, Terry O'Sullivan, Iain Munro

> Introduction to the short films | in English | about 10’


Three autobiographical short films made over seven years about a young gay man coming to terms with his Catholic schooling, his homosexuality and guilt, his parents and their deaths, despair and loneliness.


« These shorts laid the groundwork for his features that followed, while also still feeling like fully formed works. They are striking in that their brief runtimes are able to depict a complicated life in great detail; as if the images and sounds are taken directly from the director’s mind, clear and precise, whilst also feeling dreamlike. Davies does not flinch from portraying the dark side of life, but the harsh realism is tempered with filmmaking magic and poetry. » (Senses of Cinema)


« Over the course of these films, we witness the emergence of Davies' singular talent and style, the refinement of his technique, and a director growing in confidence, soon to become fêted as British cinema's greatest film poet. » (BFI)

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The Terence Davies Trilogy (Rétrospective Terence Davies) en images

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