THE GERMANS (BE) at De Gudde Wëllen

DOORS: 20:00

SHOW: 20:30


PRESALE TICKETS: 12/9 (student)

TICKETS AT THE DOORS: 15/ 13 (student)

Kulturpass available at the doors



Following the extravaganza of their previous album ‘Sexuality’, The Germans set sail on a transformative journey in search of peace and quiet. 

Withdrawn to the countryside, unaffected by the spirit of the times, the Belgian ensemble managed to create a fascinating new opus, ‘Spirituality’. 

Serving as the second instalment in the Germanity trilogy, the album surprises with its delicate songwriting and introspective mood. Guided by maverick producer Micha Volders, The Germans meticulously craft a unique sonic landscape through the use of classical guitar, early digital synths, percussion, prepared piano, and the addition of Rozanne Descheemaeker’s beautiful French horn arrangements. 

This musical canvas deliberately allows the vocal splendour to shine and convey its message to the adventurous and bold-spirited. 

‘Spirituality’ is set to release on Cortizona in January 2024.

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De Gudde Wëllen Culture Club
17 rue de Saint Esprit


Standard 12 €
Student 9 €


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