The Albanian Virgin (CinEast Festival)

The Albanian Virgin (CinEast Festival)

The Albanian Virgin

Virgjeresha Shqiptare Albanie-Allemagne-Belgique 2021 | vostang | 123’ | c | De : Bujar Alimani | Avec : Kaltrina Krasniqi, Nik Xhelilaj, Alban Ukaj, Astrit Kabashi

► Mention spéciale du jury œcuménique, Festival de Varsovie 2021

Albania 1958. A boy and girl grow up together in the same village. They are the best of friends. Luana is the daughter of a well-respected man, Agim the son of traitors who were banned from the city by the communists. Despite these adverse circumstances, the two maintain their friendship over 10 years…


« The film shows possibilities for a new era without promising a universal solution and without telling the audience what’s right and what’s wrong. This film wants to inspire (the audience) to talk and to empathize. It touches and moves, shakes and shocks and is equally a plea for reconciliation, love. » (Anita Elsani, producteur du film)


« As the fate of her family weighs on Luana's shoulders, the film's emotional impact depends on the intense onscreen presence of actress Rina Krasniqi (playing the grown up Luana). Her performance is fierce and strong and hints at the emotional fragility of her character. She is like a flower blooming on a rock – her only mission is to survive in this hostile environment. » (Cineuropa)

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Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg


jeudi 20.10.2022
20H30 - 22H45


Billet 8 €
Festival pass 35 €


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