Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie

British alternative quartet Skunk Anansie played what their lead singer, SKIN, called clit-rock -- an amalgam of heavy metal and black feminist rage. SKIN began singing in high school for a classmate's band after considering the offer for over a year. Six years after that band broke up, the members of Skunk Anansie (including bass player Cass, guitarist Ace, and drummer Robbie France, who was replaced by Mark Richardson in 1995) met one another by chance. Their name was taken from the West Indian folktales of Anansi the Spider-Man, with a slight change of spelling and "Skunk" added to make the name nastier.

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den Atelier
rue de Hollerich 54


mercredi 06.07.2022
19H00 - 23H00


General Admission 45 €


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