During an artist residency in Dudelange at 'Opderschmelz', Pascal Schumacher, Edward Perraud, and Sebastian Studnitzky, by a twist of fate, crossed paths, leading to remarkable musical revelations. As they jammed together, an enchanting magic emerged—a seamless interplay of musical ideas, effortlessly synchronized creative energies. Their distinctive flair lies in their versatility and daring exploration of various styles and techniques. Unrestricted by convention, they seamlessly blend acoustic and electronic instruments, defying categorization by blending jazz, classical, and electronic elements into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry. This singular trio captivates hearts and minds, embracing tradition while pushing the boundaries of the future. Their music celebrates collaboration, merging individual brilliance to create an electrifying experience. Each performance becomes a thrilling and unpredictable odyssey.


Drums and electronics: Edward Perraud (F)

Vibraphone, keys and electronics: Pascal Schumacher (L)

Piano, trumpet, keys and electronics: Sebastian Studnitzky (D)

Durée: 60'

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


Ticket tarif normale 6 €
Ticket Kulturpass 1.5 €


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