Oktoberfest 2023


From September 29th to November 11th

Perfect for team building or any other moments in groups of family 


Get ready to raise your beers and join us for an unforgettable Oktoberfest like no other! 


• Live Music every Friday and Saturday, immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats and lively tunes as Marco Boesen takes the stage to deliver electrifying live performances that will have you dancing all night long. And that's not all! Brace yourself for DJ sets straight from Luxemburg that will keep the party going till 3am.

Taste our specialties such as the must-have Haxen (pork knuckle), Hendl (grilled chicken), Wainzossis, pretzels and many more. 

• Traditional attire encouraged

Calling all fashion enthusiasts! Break out your finest Dirndls and Lederhosen because at our event, embracing tradition is not only encouraged, but it's also part of the fun 

• Don't miss out on this incredible blend of music, food specialties, and the unforgettable "O'Zapft is!" moment. 


Grab your friends, grab your outfits, and let's make this Oktoberfest a time to remember!  Prost! 



Book your table quickly at [email protected] or tel +352 26 20 10 17

Informations pratiques


Brauerei - Big Beer Company
12 Rives de Clausen


Date Horaires
Vendredi 29/09/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 30/09/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 06/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 07/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 13/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 14/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 20/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 21/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 27/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 28/10/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 03/11/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 04/11/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Vendredi 10/11/2023 19H00 - 19H00
Samedi 11/11/2023 19H00 - 19H00


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