Oi Boys + Lawn Chair

Oi Boys + Lawn Chair

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On their eponymous debut album, Metz-based duo Oi Boys (a quartet when playing live) explore a French coldwave/post-punk sound similar to that of bands such as Hinin or Chiaroscuro, with desolate lyrics about wandering around sad towns, having one last beer and remembering lost friends. Striking the perfect balance between nostalgia and anger, their upbeat and melodic songs definitely have the potential to become anthems sung on the way to an uncertain future.

Lawn Chair brings the glistening light of the American landscape to the German suburbs. One part of the band spent its childhood in these suburbs; the other on a fishing boat off the coasts of Alaska. Among the ways to describe their sound, one could choose among danceable, over the top, twisted, raw, scrappy, classic post-rock... The influence of Pixies, Beck and Karen O can be found in the songwriting. Their EP Lawn Chair discusses everything singer/songwriter Claudia has encountered so far: strange guys, crooked thoughts, love and other distressing subjects.

For fans of:

Jessica 93, Gurr

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3 place des Rotondes


jeudi 15.12.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Oi Boys + Lawn Chair 12 €


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