A struggling and divided nation, tearing itself apart. So, when the Macbeths see their chance at the crown, why shouldn’t they take it? But things don’t go according to plan. Dreams quickly turn to nightmares, humanity erodes, nature stirs. As society strives to make sense of the darkness that sits inside it, how long will it take for people to fight back against the endless cycle of violence and corruption?

English Touring Theatre (ETT) are a UK based international touring company that has produced over fifty productions in the last five years and which has the drive to entertain, engage, challenge and inspire at the heart of their practice. Artistic Director Richard Twyman directed the reading of Deliver Us, a Théâtres de la Ville and Kinneksbond Mamer commission to Anna Leader for their Connection-project during the pandemic in the Autumn of 2020.

In their first visit to Luxembourg, the award-winning company presents Shakespeare’s famous tragedy that has continued to fascinate generations of audiences in a visceral and contemporary new production that speaks to a world we find ourselves living in now. The co-production with the Théâtres de la Ville asks the question why Macbeth has exercised our fears and nightmares for centuries and what lesson this cautionary tale  is still urgently trying to communicate to us?

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