Jens Düppe Solo & Simin Tander

Two award-winning musicians come together with their projects for and unforgettable performance. Jens Düppe, drummer and composer from Germany and a Reset alumnus from 2023 will be there to welcome the new class of freshly arrived Reseters. He will present his latest multiinstrumental project ego_D where he plays drums, piano and electronics simultaneously. The Afghan-German singer and composer Simin Tander reputed to have one of the most amazing voices in European jazz will be joining him on stage for a breathtaking duo. Simin Tander draws a fascinating route to her Oriental heritage by also singing in Afghaani/Pashto, the language of her late father. Her unique approach to vocal improvisations remains a trademark of hers. Far away from the usual scat-singing and full of life-enhanced freedom. After two internationally acclaimed solo albums she received the "German Annual Record Critics' Award" for her ECM Records album with Tord Gustavsen. Simin has performed on leading festivals all over the world, e.g. Montreal Jazz Fest, Jarasum Jazz Festival, Warsaw Jazz Summer, San Francisco Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival and many more. Jens Düppe is "one of the most innovative representatives of improvised music from this country" (Jazzzeitung). He continually creates new projects and artistic encounters in a wide variety of musical directions. He began to learn drums at the age of 10 and studied jazz at the conservatories in Weimar, Amsterdam and New York City until 2002. Düppe also works with the German Radio Big Bands from Frankfurt and Hamburg as well as the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. For the GOETHE Institute he travels to all 5 continents, with changing castes and projects.


Voice: Simin Tander

Drums, piano, electronics: Jens Düppe

60 minutes

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


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