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Grandbrothers finally make their return to the 'Bourg! Grandbrothers brought their vision to life with debut album Dilation in 2015, followed by the majestic Open; a swirling fusion of electronica and classical piano, which was released on City Slang in 2017.

These days, with the pair no longer both residing in Düsseldorf, they have forged a new remote working relationship that involves a lot of back and forth and more time spent on developing ideas and producing. Their new album documents that process.

On the leafy cover for their third album, All The Unknown, Grandbrothers invite the spectator to peer through the thick foliage of a hawthorn bush, seemingly powered by a similar sense of curiosity that informed their exploratory new record. The album maps out a wide-open soundworld of compositional possibilities for pianist Erol Sarp and producer / electronic engineer Lukas Vogel, who have been putting their modern and unique electronic spin on prepared piano since first forming in 2012.

  • Genres : Piano & Electronica
  • Organisateur / Collaboration : Organisé par A-Promotions
  • Lieu : Klub
  • Prix : Price (incl. VAT & all fees): 34€
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Informations pratiques


3 place des Rotondes


samedi 29.10.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Grandbrothers 34 €


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