FEST 2024

Festival of English Language School Theatre

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With English being a global language of communication and business, the need for young people to use it actively is now an essential life skill. Schools around the country have in recent years added theatre options alongside their normal English classes, giving students a chance not only to improve their language skills by using English on stage, but also to develop their presentation skills and self-confidence while learning about performing arts.

Enjoy a wide variety of stimulating and entertaining plays, and support the vibrant artistic talent in Luxembourg. Eight one-act plays highlight the excellent but often unnoticed talent among pupils in Luxembourg.

  • Genre : Théâtre
  • Organisateur / Collaboration : Organisé par FEST a.s.b.l.
    En collaboration avec Rotondes
  • Âge : À partir de 6 ans
  • Lieu : Grande Salle
  • Langue : In English
  • Informations additionnelles : If your school theatre class would like to perform at FEST 2024, please contact [email protected] for details and information.
  • Prix : 5€ (students) / 8€ (adults)
  • Programme : Fri 23.02.24 >18:00-22:00 Sat 24.02.24 >12:00-23:00
  • Liens :

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