Di & Viv & Rose

Di & Viv & Rose

“Di and Viv and Rose” is a warm and funny play about female friendship. First performed in 2012, the play traces the intertwined lives of three women from their late teens into their early 40s.

Aged 18, Di, Viv and Rose meet in their first term at university. In many ways they are so different, but somehow become close friends. Life is fun. Living is intense. Together they feel unassailable as they share their ambitions and explore their sexuality and their identities. But as time goes on, life throws unexpected obstacles at them. They must deal with both happiness and tragedy – and the consequences that their own decisions have on the others.

Crackling with wisdom and wit, Amelia Bullmore’s play is a humorous and thoughtful exploration of friendship’s impact on life and life’s impact on friendship. “I used to think growing up together used to mean shooting upwards alongside certain people; but now I think the way you shoot up … is contingent on a few people shooting up with you”.

“Di and Viv and Rose” is the latest in the BGT’s programme of plays, focusing on work by women and putting young female performers centre stage.

Berliner Grundtheater

With RachelKathryn Lloyd, Lina Peller, Céline Planata

Directed by Tony & Ferelith Kingston

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


Date Horaires
Jeudi 29/09/2022 19H30 - 22H00
Vendredi 30/09/2022 19H30 - 22H00
Samedi 01/10/2022 19H30 - 22H00


Ticket tarif normale 20 €
Ticket tarif réduit 12 €
Ticket Kulturpass 1.5 €


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