Blues De Lux' Band - Live at Vantage

Blues De Lux' Band in Live at Vantage

Here is a band of five men of different ages and coming from different background.

What they have in common is their love of music of Blues especially but also of Pop and Rock music.

They rapidly felt like sharing their passion with others so they left their rehearsal studio to take part first in Jam Sessions and then in Concerts.

They only aim at having a good time and at making people do the same...

This is the very essence of the BLUES DE LUX' BAND !!!

Angelo : guitare

J:B : chant guitare

Jay : batterie

Jo : basse

Michel : guitare chant

more info :

FB : Blues De Lux' Band

Instagram : Blues De Lux' Band

Youtube : BluesDeLuxBand

Mail : [email protected]

Tickets :

Presale 8 €

Doors : 10 €

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Vantage - House of Music
163 rue de Beggen


standard ticket 8 €


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