“Animal Biodelivery Farm”

“Animal Biodelivery Farm”

11 Juin 2022, h 19

12 Juin 2022, h 19

Sang a Klang Theatre, 1, rue des Trois Glands

Spectacle Théâtrale: “Animal Biodelivery Farm” after George Orwell

Directed by Raffaella D’Angelo, with the performers of Artemysia Theatre asbl

In English, Tickets: 15 eu

Info and reservations: 661448824, teatro.artemisia@gmail.com

The income will be donated to the Teramo hospital (Italy), Division of Infectious Diseases


The exploited animals of a farm rise up and create a cooperative enterprise selling organic products. All members will support each other in search for Equality & Happiness. But, watch out: there are members « more equal » than the others!

A rewrite after the George Orwell’s masterpiece: grotesque and hilarious, showing at the same time the “dark side” of human soul, with an international cast.

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Salle Sang & Klang Pafendall
1 rue des Trois Glands


Date Horaires
Samedi 11/06/2022 19H00 - 20H00
Dimanche 12/06/2022 19H00 - 20H00


free seating ticket 15 €


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