Alone (Wang Bing)

With Wang Bing in Person


Gudu France-Hongkong 2012 | Wang Bing | documentaire | vostEN | 89' | digital |

> International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013, International Film Festival Melbourne 2013, IDFA Amsterdam 2013


The daily life of three little sisters, Ying, Zhen and Fen, who live alone in a small village family house in China’s Yunnan province. Their father works a few hundred kilometres down the mountain and their mother has left long ago. The girls don’t go to school, spending their days working in the fields or wandering in the village. Quite and patient, Ying takes care of her two younger sisters and does most of the fieldwork. Sometimes, they help their grandfather and aunt in exchange for a meal. Then, their father returns from the city because he has made a radical decision about their upbringing…


« This condensed version of Three Sisters (2012) places the emphasis on a crucial decision of the father. While never attempting to gloss over how harsh and hopeless the situation is, the film is not cynical in tone. Wang Bing crucially and repeatedly seeks out the physical perspective of the children. The camera is attentive to both the playfulness and the claustrophobic instability of their world, and often descends to their eye level, into a realm where, in the blink of an eye, work can become play, and their father can become a pair of legs to cling to. » (IDFA)


> The film will be preceded by an extensive introduction by Wang Bing in person (about 20 minutes)

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