Rock Box (Clausen)
2 Rue Emile Mousel
L-2165 - Luxembourg


Vendredi, 15 mars 2019 00:00 - 23:30

Information de contact pour cet événement

Téléphone : 20 21 00 40
PREVENTE : 8.00 €
CAISSE SOIR : 10.00 €

A propos de l'évènement

Reckless Roses the most authentic tribute band in Europe will bring the true 80’s, 90’s experience of Guns n’ Roses to the audience, including the legendary sound, visual elements, and the unique feeling.
Since the band formed in 2012, they played all over Europe and Asia including: Dubai (UAE), Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia etc. adding up more than 350 shows in 20 countries, doing 60 concerts a year on average by now.
On a Reckless Roses show, you won’t miss any of the greatest hits, such as Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door or Sweet Child o’Mine, and singing along is guaranteed.
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Rock Box (Clausen)

2 Rue Emile Mousel

38976 - Luxembourg