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A Magical Butterfly


Du jeudi 21.09.2017 au jeudi 14.12.2017

A propos de l'évènement

Main goal: We will mainly focus on legs, thighs, hips, seat, abdominal, arms, body posture, back, and in the control of the balance of the body.

Based on the training of professional dancers. It will be a dynamic class where we will work movements from Pilates, as well as series of steps and movements from Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance using the floor (on a sitting and standing position) as a prop to balance our body, tone muscles accurately and keep the body control working with separate muscle groups. All this with nice music and in a good atmosphere. 

Only for women. Level: No previous experience dance needed. There is age limit
Limited places due to the space (Registration required to join a trial class) - Registrations and more info: 
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A Magical Butterfly

- A Magical Butterfly