Wolfgang Blanke

Wolfgang Blanke (*1948 in Wiesbaden, Germany) is a contemporary artist known for his innovative use of natural materials in his works. His creative repertoire includes natural resins, oils, and waxes, which he uses to create paintings that not only represent lightweight sceneries, but also capture his personality and current mood. Ongoing experimentation with both materials and different techniques has enabled him to continually develop his expressive possibilities. Blanke’s main artistic focus lies on ‘human interaction’. His paintings often show people in nature, at beaches, as well as people coming together in social places such as cafés and bars. These scenes evoke a sense of lightness and relaxation, which is achieved through both, the thematic choice as well as his painting technique, which features an impressionistic quality. His works are characterised by a light, airy atmosphere which invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the peaceful moments that he captures on the canvas. In addition, Blanke's passion for sailing is another important facet of his life. This love of the sea influences his art and gives his works a sense of freedom and a sense of adventure. Whether through the depiction of maritime scenes or the subtle incorporation of nautical elements, his sailing experiences are a rich source of inspiration that flows into his work. Throughout his career, Wolfgang Blanke has continually pushed the boundaries of his art, seeking new ways to convey the nuances of human interaction and the cheerful essence of the natural world.

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