We are women

We are women

This exhibition reveals two worlds: that of painting and that of photography, with feminity as a common thread, in all its aspects, at the heart of creation. 

The first part offers you an immersion in the work of the artist Gilliane Warzée. The portrait is her favorite theme. Faces fascinate her. Through their representation, the technique and the colors used, she tries to represent the expression of the innermostof her models with the concern to make her works as humanistic and captivating as possible. In her creative process, the artist favors the use of the knife, conducive to the work of materials and light, which she associates with oil painting, for its intensity, its brilliance, and its incomparable shades of colors. Her feminist paintings capture the viewer through the gaze of a model, the expression of a face or the sensuality of a body. They look at you, challenge you, in full light as in the darkness, where the intimacy of his paintings is revealed under the spectrum of black light.

The second part exposes femininity under the lens of international photographers from the 1900s to the present day, like Helmut Newton, Phil Borges, William Klein, or Gisèle

Freund, belonging to the private collection of the Spuerkeess.

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Galerie d'Art Contemporain Am Tunnel et Espace Edward Steichen
16 Rue Sainte-Zithe


From Tuesday 19.07.2022 to Sunday 08.01.2023


We are women in pictures

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