Voie 15 - Phase 3

The extension of the platform

This summer, Luxembourg’s Central Station continues its expansion with the opening of Voie 15 (Platform 15) in Rotondes’ Galerie!

Marking a reconnection with its railway history, Rotondes will install part of a life-size platform, complete with rails, seats, luggage trolleys, and ticket vending- and stamping machines. Everything will be painted in an immaculate white, known to draw zealous graffiti artists, illustrators, muralists, and urban painters like moths to a flame.

For each of the three phases of Voie 15, large elements will be added to the installation to increase the surface on which the public and the guest artists will unleash their creativity. For the third and last phase of the project, we're extending the platform in the courtyard.

  • Genre: Installation
  • Locations: Galerie & Parvis
  • Additional information: Exhibition opening hours Sat 29.07 – Wed 23.08.23 Thu >16:00-21:00 Fri, Sat, Sun >16:00-20:00+ Performances Fri 28.07.23 >18:00-22:00 Wed 23.08.23 >16:00-22:00 as part of Congés Annulés
  • Price: Free entry

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3 place des Rotondes


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