UNICEF Thrift event

UNICEF Thrift event

The state of our environment is more worrying than ever. The depletion of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions or water pollution are direct consequences of our lifestyle and consumption patterns. 

However, we are also the ones to be able to change this. That is why UNICEF’s Youth Ambassadors decided to set up an event organized by young people for young people: the UNICEF Thrift Event. 

The perfect combo of trendy affordable clothes and sustainability. So, if you want to give a fresh look to your wardrobe or tidy up your closet, earn some money and do some good, this is the perfect opportunity! 

For further information an to sign up for a sales stand: www.unicef/thrift

Useful information


Centre culturel "Drescherhaus"
26A rue du Château


Sunday 10.07.2022


UNICEF Thrift event in pictures

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