Toll (Pedágio) (LUXFILMFEST)

Carolina Markowicz, 101 min, - Brazil, Portugal
Suellen works as a toll booth attendant outside of São Paulo while her queer son, Antonio, uploads flamboyant videos online. Ashamed of the videos and ridiculed by her colleagues, Suellen is distraught by her son’s sexual orientation. When a coworker suggests that Antonio should seek help from a foreign pastor-guru who runs a conversion therapy program, Suellen raises money to cover the program’s expensive fees by helping criminals target the wealthy commuters passing through her toll booth. Maeve Jinkings delivers a fierce performance as Suellen in this formally sophisticated realist drama. Set within a bleak industrial landscape, Toll’s different narratorial threads weave together a meditative portrait of familial love, class, religious pressure, and queer emancipation. Accessible from 16 and over

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