Tokyo Godfathers (Rétrospective Satoshi Kon)

Tokyo Godfathers (Rétrospective Satoshi Kon)

Tokyo Godfathers

Tōkyō Goddofāzāzu Japon 2003 | version originale avec sous-titres anglais | 90' | c | Film d'animation de : Satoshi Kon


While rummaging in the trash for food on Christmas Eve, middle-aged alcoholic Gin, teenage runaway Miyuki and former drag queen Hana stumble upon an abandoned newborn baby in a trash bin. With only a handful of clues to the baby's identity, the three misfits search the streets of Tokyo for help in returning the baby to its parents…


« As with the greatest animated films, the triumph of Kon's work lies not just in its beauty and singularly sophisticated storytelling but in how that beauty and storytelling combine to give the films a sting so human you can forget you're watching a cartoon. » (Los Angeles Times)


« With its masterful grasp of comedy, pathos, social commentary and mystical weirdness, Tokyo Godfathers takes anime to a whole new level. » (Variety)


« A beautiful, hilarious movie and one that cemented Kon Satoshi as a visionary and narrative master. » (Kyle Anderson, Nerdist)

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