The Alchemist

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With the Alchemist, it's about diving in the singular universe of Arthur Unger (*1932), the Luxembourgish artist who as early as the 1970s, know with powerful works their strength in water and fire. At over the course of his career, Unger has mainly specialized in two Technical: on the one hand, drawings to India ink - "psychograms" in his own words - and on the other hand, a process that he designates by "pyrochemogram" and in which he works copper by means of the fire. The artist, particularly worn on materiality, describes itself as a "painter of matter" precisely, paying equal attention to Materials at work to realize its Creations that to the message that these Convey. Thus, form and substance are confuse in expressive works of which a selection will be presented at the MNHA in the spring.

All dates :
- 21/05/2023, 16:00, LU
- 18/06/2023, 15:00, EN
- 29/06/2023, 18:00, FR

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Thursday free entry | Sunday 7 €:

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