Sweet Zenith

Sweet Zenith

Nestled in the dark space of the cube, Sweet Zenith plays with a chain of reactions generating the electricity necessary for the installation to function. In the middle of this microcosm, a pendulum swings chaotically in search of a calm state, only to be found by returning to the centre again... which will provoke chaos once more.

The system is completely independent but is limited by the space in which it is located. Those who visited Eupen's IKOB earlier this year had the opportunity to observe the installation in its second, larger configuration.

  • Genre: Sound installation
  • Location: Rotonde 2
  • Additional information: Opening: Fri 07.10.22 >18:00 with a special Meakusma x Rotondes night(more info here) Visible during the Buvette's opening hours
  • Price: Free entry

Useful information


3 place des Rotondes


From Saturday 08.10.2022 to Sunday 29.01.2023


Sweet Zenith 0 €


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