Subnormal Europe

Subnormal Europe

The exhilarating live performance involves a singer and a sound engineer, an installation of screens and loudspeakers, and dazzling technology. Commissioned by Munich Biennale to mark Germany’s 2020 presidency of the EU Council, it traces the history of audiovisual documentation. The technological progress is clear but what is progress when it starts from the first recording of the human voice and ends at fake news? Against a backdrop of interactive visuals, singer Noa Frenkel delivers a narrative about documentation and truth, and what European values mean to the wider world.

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Théâtre des Capucins
Place du Theatre


Thursday 17.11.2022
20H00 - 22H00


Adultes Cat 1 20 €
Adultes Cat 2 15 €
Adultes Cat 3 8 €
Jeunes 8 €


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