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For more than a year, Yann Tonnar travelled and photographed the outskirts of Luxembourg, his hometown. He has thus documented situations on the fringes of the city, where urbanisation is fading, where nature and time assert their rights and where even civilisation sometimes crumbles.

This territory is presented as a heterogeneous landscape where urbanized districts, natural spaces, sports fields, commercial areas, places of production and tertiary economy, agricultural exploitations, road infrastructures and other constructions of all kinds alternate. The development of this "fringe" on the outskirts of the city is characteristic of the way in which urbanisation began to spread around fast-growing European cities at the end of the last century, leading to various and varied interpretations and designations. From the mid-1970s, architects and urban planners endeavoured to develop concepts capable of characterising this phenomenon with the nuances specific to each territory. Notions such as rurbanisation, scattered city (G. Bauer, J.-M. Roux, 1976), emerging city (G. Dubois-Taine, Y. Chalas, 1997), hypercity (A. Corboz, 2000), diffuse city (F. Indovina, 2000), Zwischenstadt (T. Sieverts, 2001) or franchise town (D. Mangin, 2004) are entering the discourse on the urbanisation of the territory.

The work realised by Yann Tonnar paints a sensitive portrait of the space over which the city extends and redefines itself, giving rise to a superposition of uses and infrastructures in space and time. The sharp look at this environment where buildings and nature, construction and deconstruction, order and chaos meet, opens to reflection on the issues and challenges that characterize these places with an uncertain future.

Exhibition credits

Photographs: Yann Tonnar 

Curator and organiser: luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture

Scenography: luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture

Framework programme: luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture

In collaboration with Nosbaum Reding

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From Wednesday 23.11.2022 to Friday 13.01.2023


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