For more than a year, Yann Tonnar travelled and photographed the outskirts of his hometown, Luxembourg. He thus immortalised situations on the fringes of the city, where urbanisation fades, where nature and time affirm their rights and where even civilization sometimes crumbles. But it is also on these places that the city extends and redefines itself. In its abstraction, the documentation goes beyond the precise location of Luxembourg, and represents our western cities and man-altered landscape more generally. The result of this work, which bears witness to a sharp look at this environment where buildings and nature, construction and deconstruction, order and chaos meet, will be exhibited at luca from the 23rd of November 2022 to the 13th of January 2023. In collaboration with Nosbaum Reding Gallery. Events and framework program

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luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture
1, rue de la Tour Jacob
L-1831 Luxembourg


From Wednesday 23.11.2022 to Friday 13.01.2023