Siren's Call

Siren's Call

Set in the picturesque valley of Luxembourg City, Siren’s Call is a celebration of international and local music & culture: A MUSIC FESTIVAL. The Hives (SWE) - Nothing But Thieves (UK) - Priya Ragu (IND-CH) - Hania Rani (PL) - Fishbach (FR) - Josin (GER) - Enola Gay (IRL) - The Howl & The Hum (UK) - The Clockworks (IRL) - CHAiLD (LU) -  Charlotte Bridge (LU) - June Road (BE) -  Nikki Ninja & Afro Beathoven - Lisette Lombé & Cloé du Trèfle (CONG-BE) A CULTURE FESTIVAL. Nuit des Lampions | Minimënster kids activities | Immersive sound experience | Yoga & dance workshops | Creators & initiatives market A FOOD FESTIVAL. The 4th edition of the Siren’s Call – Music and Culture Festival has been postponed and will now take place on Saturday, June 25th 2022.

Doors : 3.00 pm

Multidisciplinary festival : Music, Culture & Food Multi-venue festival: neimënster and various locations in the picturesque Grund area

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


Saturday 25.06.2022
15H00 - 23H00


Ticket tarif normale 52 €
Ticket Kulturpass 1.5 €



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