Samplers. Embroidered archives

Workshop for adults

On the occasion of Archive Month, the MNAHA Cultural Institute will present an interactive workshop in June 2023 in which a completely different kind of archives will be shown: samplers are not just decorative handicrafts, but embroidered archival materials. They are full of clues about those who embroidered them, as well as the context of their upbringing and interests. If you look at them as archival materials, a whole series of questions soon arise: What can we learn from samplers? Why are they an important source today? Why did people embroider then and why do they embroider today? How does embroidery work? What is the significance of these decorative works, the different patterns and engravings? We will discuss these and other questions in the workshop while you learn a few simple stitches and create your own little sampler. At the beginning, we will also look at a few examples from the museum's collection, which can serve as inspiration and basis for the discussion and your own sampler.

All dates :
- 18/06/2023, 14:00, FR/EN/DE/LU

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upon registration :
T +352 47 93 30 214 | or | +352 47 93 30 414 E [email protected]

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