Roter Himmel (Between Feierdeeg Screenings)

Roter Himmel 

Afire Allemagne 2023 | Christian Petzold | vostEN | 102’ | digital | Cast : Thomas Schubert, Paula Beer, Langston Uibel, Enno Trebs

> Silberner Bär, Berlinale 2023


While vacationing by the Baltic Sea, friends Leon, a writer, and Felix, a photographer, are surprised by the presence of Nadja, a mysterious woman already staying at the holiday home of Felix’s family. Nadja distracts Leon from finishing his new novel and forces him to confront his caustic temperament and self-absorption. But as a handsome lifeguard and Leon’s book editor join the group, a forest fire approaches their idyllic holiday home.


« Throughout this movie, an absorbing, barbed and frequently funny evisceration of artistic ego, Petzold practices a deft and disarming sleight of hand, using key details to keep the viewer off balance and deliver a stinging rebuke to Leon’s myopia. » (Los Angeles Times)


« Petzold rightly took home Berlin’s Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize for this genre-defying comedy of manners. The German master deftly weaves ecological catastrophe, sexual capering and a portrait of beta masculinity into a plot that, at first glance, could be a holiday-from-hell sitcom episode. » (Irish Times)


« Le nouveau film de Christian Petzold n’est pas que brillant, il est mieux encore : magnétique. Frustration et désir, tension et sensualité électrisent chaque plan. » (Sud Ouest)

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Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg


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