Réparer la Villa Kutter. Histoire de la renaissance d'un monument luxembourgeois

Réparer la Villa Kutter. Histoire de la renaissance d'un monument luxembourgeois


with Diane Heirend

Designed and built by Hubert Schumacher for Joseph Kutter and his wife Rosalie Sedlmayr, the Villa Kutter is one of the first - if not the first - modern houses built in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Located in Limpertsberg, construction of the house began in 1929 and was completed before 1931, when its owner immortalised it in a painting and Batty Fischer took a photo of it. Charged with restoring the house at the end of 2019, Diane Heirend embarked on an intensive search for archive documents that would enable her to restore the house to its original splendour. By cross-referencing sources, she drew up a non-exhaustive list of the architects involved and the reflections and transformations the house underwent between 1937 and 1981. After two years of research and project development, work began on the project, which lasted a year and a half. During this time, onsite investigations continued, as and when work was carried out on the building. Thanks to far-sighted project owners and the help of passionate craftsmen who put all their pride and know-how into "repairing" this house, a monument to Luxembourg's architectural heritage was brought back to life.

This talk will be in French.

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- 29/02/2024, 18:00, FR

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+352 47 93 30-214/414 [email protected]

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