Lola Arias, 82 min, 2024 - Argentina, Switzerland, Germany
Gentle or rough, blonde or shaved, cisgender or transgender, long-term inmates or newly admitted: in this hybrid musical, a group of women re-enact their lives in a Buenos Aires prison. The film is a collective work that reinvents the musical genre. The performers dance and sing about their past in prison, relive their life as fiction, and invent, through fantasy and imagination, a possible future for themselves. With her innovative and genre-defying approach to filmmaking, Lola Arias deftly forges an entertaining yet moving portrait of former inmates in the now-abandoned setting of Caseros Prison. Strong visuals and memorable song-and-dance numbers combine fact and fiction, documentary and musical.

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Kinepolis Kirchberg
45 avenue JF Kennedy


Ticket 9.5 €
Tarif réduit / Discount 7 €
Kulturpass 1.5 €


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