Pièce chorégraphique

Pièce chorégraphique

'Pont invisible' speaks of an immaterial corridor in perpetual motion, which is perhaps more real than any bridge one can physically cross. This bridge symbolises many states of mind and many inner states through which human beings pass throughout their lives on Earth. Double culture is at the heart of this choreographic piece punctuated by poetic texts. The double culture that can be an ordeal for some or an opportunity for others. With 'Pont invisible', the choreographer/dancer confronts the audience with the tortures of modern times and invites everyone to give meaning to their own double culture. 

The pilot project 'We are all dancers and singers', which is intended for the whole country and the French border region, revolves around this creation and aims to promote cultural exchange, development and the weaving of social ties. These meetings will revolve around workshops and courses in contemporary African dance, urban African dance, polyphonic African singing, reading of texts, conferences/round tables, supervised by a team of people from different artistic disciplines with the aim of merging cultural experiences. These workshops and courses are aimed at all cultures (European and non-European), at all people interested in building a Luxembourg culture based on equity and cohesion, on active social inclusion.

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Théâtre "Le 10"
595 rue de Neudorf


Saturday 12.11.2022
19H00 - 20H00


Prix plein 20 €


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