Not human. Luxembourg’s other inhabitants

About 10.000 years ago, humans began to domesticate wild animals. This marked the beginning of a close relationship between humans and animals that continues to this day. The first animal domesticated by man, occupies a special place in our society. It is a beloved family member, a proud possession or a busy farm animal. Humans benefit in many ways from the animals that surround them. Many advances, e.g. in agriculture or transport, would not have been possible without the use of farm animals.

The rich holdings of the Photothèque of the City of Luxembourg exemplify the close coexistence between humans and animals since the mid-19th century. The exhibition is dedicated to this special relationship and reviews the life cycle of animals on the basis of individual stations in their existance . As in human life, happy and sad moments alternate.

The way people interact with animals is also subject to change over the decades. What amused people in the past, is often see with different eyes today. Not always, as the photographs show, are animals treated with the sympathy and compassion that humans expect for themselves.

Using selected photographs from its collection, the Photothèque would like to shine a spotlight on the different roles animals play in people’s lives and reflect on the status of animals in our society. A look behind the urban scenes also shows that not all animal inhabitants are domesticated.

Exhibition opening: 14.07.2023 - 17:30

Organisation: Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg

© Tony KRIER

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