Nissim Ben Aderet - Paintings

Nissim Ben Aderet - Paintings

Nissim is an expressive artist who works using the action painting method: a painting that is created when rationality cannot contain emotion. According to this method, the attempt is to create an image that is free from the constraints of logic.

Nissim's modus operandi is a work of art in itself, because no work is identical to another and each work is made by drawing a single line that creates the world to which Nissim is drawn during his working moments. The works are innovative in the contemporary art scene, and have no counterpart in local or international art.

In one line, Nissim draws an entire world of human images that move through imagined spaces and that create the infinite motion of relationships and hierarchies amongst themselves.

On one hand, more is hidden from the viewer than is revealed to him. On the other hand, viewing the work means rummaging through the depths of the soul that emerge from the images.

The black and white drawing allows for a parallel to be drawn between the movement of the object in space and the manner in which the one contemplating it views and absorbs it.

Nissim's works have garnered a growing response and interest amongst Israeli art collectors and art lovers, including galleries and local media, and have been sold worldwide.

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