MONODRAMA FESTIVAL - At Home with Francis Bacon

At Home with Francis Bacon

Written by Jeremy Towler and Pip Utton

With Pip Utton

Great Britain

In English

Described by Mrs Thatcher as ‘that dreadful man who paints those horrible pictures’, Francis Bacon remains one of the most challenging and controversial artists of all time. It’s impossible not to react to his work, or to Pip’s compelling performance. Francis Bacon could spend his mornings painting, his afternoons and evenings drinking champagne and eating, and his nights roaming Soho dressed in fishnet stockings and a long leather coat looking for ‘rough trade’. His lifestyle full of alcohol, gambling and homosexual promiscuity has created an iconic enigma. 

‘The howl of Bacon's vision. Compelling and unsettling’ (The Scotsman)

Directed by Geoff Bullen

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