Modesty Blaise (Comedy Vitti Style)

Modesty Blaise (Comedy Vitti Style)

Modesty Blaise

Grande-Bretagne 1965 | vostf | 115’ | c | De : Joseph Losey | Avec : Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde

Sélection officielle, Festival de Cannes 1966

Stylish ex-con Modesty Blaise and her partner Willie Garvin are tasked by the British Secret Service with preventing her rival Gabriel from stealing diamonds that are to be delivered to her adoptive father, a Sheikh.


« Losey captures with comedy the same chill of modernity beneath the Mediterranean sun that Antonioni captures with melodrama. » (New Yorker)


« There’s practically something for everybody : musical numbers, visual gags, romance, suspense, fourth-wall-breaks, and enough campy stylistic flair to ensure the film’s position as a cult classic. It’s essentially a James Bond spoof with pop-art sensibilities and one odd sense of humor. Whenever Vitti appears, she steals the scene with a laidback charm that couldn’t feel more natural. It’s a wonderful portrayal of a film icon at her most easygoing, and an endearingly odd tribute to spy films, comic books and Vitti herself. » (Collider)


« One of the nuttiest, screwiest pictures ever made. » (Variety)

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