Kids Life Skills October Workshops

Kids Life Skills October Workshops

We invite you to register your kids aged 4-10 in our workshops that will teach them the SKILLS they'll need for the TECH-FOCUSED FUTURE.

 The workshops consist in sessions of 2-3 hours each held on Saturdays or Sundays starting 1st October.

You can select a topic of your workshop from our offer:

7-10 years old:

- Intro workshops - 4 sessions - 150€

- aMAZEing (advanced coding) - 4 sessions - 150€)

- Scratch (advanced coding) - 4 sessions - 150€

- Digital Vocabulary - 1 session - 25€

4-6 years old:

- Intro workshops - 4 sessions - 100€

- Robotics (advanced robotics) - 4 sessions - 100€

- Healthy Habits - 5 sessions - 125€

-Small groups of up to 10 kids per group!

-No prior knowledge is needed for Intro Sessions, Digital Vocabulary and Healthy Habits!

 Saturdays workshops at Forum Geesseknäppchen

 Sundays workshops at PwC Luxembourg

Additional information about all of the workshops, in all languages and registrations here: 


**Note: For advanced coding and robotics workshops, your child needs to finish the Intro workshops first.

Useful information


From Saturday 01.10.2022 to Sunday 23.10.2022


Kids Life Skills October Workshops 4-6 years, Kids Life Skills workshops d'octobre 4-6 ans 100 €
Digital Vocabulary Workshops, Digital Vocabulary Workshops 25 €
Kids Life Skills October Workshops 7-10 years, Kids Life Skills ateliers d'octobre 7-10 ans 150 €
Healthy Habits, Healthy Habits 125 €

Kids Life Skills October Workshops in pictures

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