Her feet are her Brushes and Music is her Inspiration

Her feet are her Brushes and Music is her Inspiration

Subtile is pleased to propose this unique, captivating programme combining dance and live painting. I put the colours on the canvas and simply dance. I am guided by the music. I paint in this way both in public and alone in the studio. Sacha Polianina creates her “dance painting” on all musical styles. The result is a mixture of curves and lines, depending on the impressions left by her heels and toes on the canvas. And when she is not dancing, Sacha also paints figurative or abstract pictures, this time with a real brush.

Musical Selection to be found out on 3/6. The painting will be available for purchase at the end of the performance after validation by the artist and Subtile.

Alexandra Polianina was born on 29 May 1967 in Komsomolsk, Russia, on the River Amur. Professional danseur, she has been living in Belgium for many years.

Sasha's creations are the result of a kind of syncretism made of inventive imagination, music, body expression and above all pure femininity.


The event starts later as darkness is required by the artist to perform in the best conditions and will be preceded by drinks and finger foods.

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Subtile Showroom-Gallery
21A Avenue Gaston Diderich


Friday 03.06.2022
20H30 - 22H30


Life Performance, drinks and finer foods, Performance, boissons et snacks 40 €


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