Have You Seen This Woman? (CinEast Festival)

Have You Seen This Woman? (CinEast Festival)

Soirée spéciale « Odd Movies Night »


Have You Seen This Woman?

Da li ste videli ovu ženu? Serbie-Croatie 2022 | vostang | 78’ | c | De : Dušan Zorić & Matija Gluščević | Avec : Ksenija Marinković, Isidora Simijonović, Boris Isaković, Alex Elektra

► Semaine de la Critique, Mostra de Venise 2022

In the heat of a summer day, Draginja discovers a dead body that resembles her. In the heat of a summer day, Draginja hires a fake husband to show off in front of her friends. In the cold of a winter night, Draginja roams the streets hoping to recover her lost memory. Through three different life possibilities, a middle-aged woman tries to get out of her skin.

« Our mothers were our inspiration for this film: someone who is very close, yet so unknown… Whether they have given birth or not, middle-aged women are archetypically perceived by society as mothers. But what do they long for? What do they dream about? Through this film, we wanted to explore the hidden lives of middle-aged women and search for their true identities. » (Dušan Zorić & Matija Gluščević, réalisateurs du film)

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Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg


Saturday 15.10.2022
18H00 - 19H30


Billet 8 €
Festival pass 35 €


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