EMOP, Rethinking Identity. Je est un autre

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The Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart is once again taking part in the European Month of Photography, a biennial event which will be focusing on the theme of "Rethinking Identity” this year. Rimbaud's famous quotation “Je est un autre”, taken from a letter he wrote to Paul Demeny in 1871, refers to the poet as a multiple being, a diversity of personalities between identity and otherness. Paradoxically, this statement questions the construction of the subject in its relation to others. If these topics were at the centr of philosophical and psychological debates from existentialism and anti-psychiatry to feminism in the 1960s and 1970s, today postcolonial, postfeminist and gender studies focus more on the cultural and national dimensions in the correlation of the self and the other. The exhibition will feature the work of six artists who all explore the subject of identity in different and distinct ways.

All dates :
- 20/05/2023, 15:00, FR
- 08/06/2023, 18:00, DE
- 25/06/2023, 15:00, LU

Price :
Thursday free entry | Sunday 7 €: Free

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