"Edle Wilde" und Kannibalen - koloniale Klischees im Kino

"Edle Wilde" und Kannibalen - koloniale Klischees im Kino


Cannibalism as a supposed or real cultural practice is only one of many motifs from the imaginary reservoir of literature and films that enjoy popular cultural popularity. In the course of the violent colonization of the American, South Pacific and African regions, certain ideas of the 'others', the colonized, emerged in Europe, describing them either as noble-minded but naive 'children of nature' or as bloodthirsty and libidinous 'savages'. Since then, these views have been consciously or unconsciously perpetuated in colonial novels, comic series and film productions. The conference (in Luxembourgish and accompanied by numerous film clips) offers a brief but concise overview of the history of colonial racist clichés in cinema, which extends into the present, into the postcolonial age.

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- 29/09/2022, 18:00, LU

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Musée national d'histoire et d'art
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Thursday 29.09.2022
19H00 - 19H00




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