De part et d'autre du Rhin - Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg (OCL)

De part et d'autre du Rhin - Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg (OCL)

Inspired by Goethe’s eponymous tale, Robert Schumann exploits the romantic vein in this story of love between two young people born on opposite sides of the Rhine. Their idyll obviously recalls the legendary couple formed by Robert and Clara Schumann, but it also refers to the relationship that existed at this time between French and German musicians, a mix of admiration and rivalry. The works of the pianist and extraordinarily gifted composer Louise Farrenc elicited the profound admiration of the Schumanns. The Franco-German encounter between Anna Göckel and Corinna Niemeyer also promises to raise sparks!

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Philharmonie Luxembourg
1 place de l’Europe


Date Hours
Sunday 11/12/2022 17H00 - 17H00
Sunday 11/12/2022 17H00 - 17H00


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