De Grénge Mann

De Grénge Mann

"De Grénge Mann" the green man, guardian of nature, invites us to discover the secrets and virtues of trees and wild plants by going on an adventure through the forest.

He shares his knowledge about the natural environment, biodiversity and its natural balance, which allows us to observe the cycles of nature, the existence of different species, their adaptation and evolution. Among other things, he tells stories, legends and myths from different cultures about their view of nature. During the visit, the character interacts with the public, making them discover the site, the history and the legends, all in a close, lively and playful way.

Meeting point: Bus stop Pierre Werner, 10 minutes before the performance

Registration mandatory:

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Arboretum du Kirchberg (Parc Klosegroendchen)
Boulevard Pierre Werner


Date Hours
Saturday 18/06/2022 15H00 - 16H30
Sunday 10/07/2022 11H00 - 12H30


Grenge Mann (L), Grenge Mann (GB), Grenge Mann (F) 0 €


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